288- Chuckwagons, NW Carriage Museum and EPM After the Drugs

Driving Radio Show by Horse Radio Network 288 - Chuckwagons, NW Carriage Museum and EPM After the Drugs 1-23-2017
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An update on the NW Carriage Museum and we learn all about Chuck Wagons with the American Chuckwagon Association.  Plus, the Chinese Medicine Update on EPM after the drugs.  Listen in…

Driving Radio Show Episode 288 – Show Notes and Links:

The recipe for BREAD PUDDIN is:
Get an 8 pack or maybe 12, depending on pan size, of hot dog buns and stale them. Put the packages out in the sun to let them sweat, after they have sweated out pull the buns out of the bags and let them air dry. Break the buns into about one inch chunks and save.
Whip four eggs
Add one quart of heavy cream and whip some more
Add one cup sugar, a dash of salt, and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix well
Put bread cubes into baking panpour liquid mixture on, put nuts and or dried fruit on top and work in, if mixture does not cover the bread, add milk to cover and work in. Press the mixture down slightly to just barely compact the bread.
Bake in an easy oven. I think about 325 to 350 degrees, I always cook in a Dutch oven and can’t gauge the heat.
Cook til done. It is done when you can shake the pan and the middle does not jiggle.
Melt 1/2 cup butter in sauce pan
Add 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/2 cup sugar
Bring to boil
Take off of heat and ad 1/3 cup good bourbon, be carful not to let it boil over.
Bring back to boil and serve either hot or cold.
Save left over sauce and put on pancakes the next morning. You will never buy maple syrup again.
Paul Geeslin



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