Driving Radio Show Episode 221 – Live From Disney World


Wendy and Glenn are live from the Tri-Circle-D Ranch in Disney World on International Podcast Day. Learn all about the magical horses at Disney World and the history of Walt Disney and his love of horses. Plus, Glenn rode a horse!  Listen in…


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  • pjt said:

    Great to have these driving radio shows! You’re shows keep me inspired to drive my horses more often than I might without your shows! I have 2 Morgans and a ClydesdaleXMorgan driving horses, a marathon carriage and 2 Meadowbrook carts. There were more drivers when I lived in Ohio, and was a member of a local carriage driving club. But here in beautiful northern New Mexico (where I’ve lived since 1998), there are very few drivers and the only club is in Corrales, NM (Albuquerque), which is 2-1/2 hours from me. I live on a wonderful dirt road in the mountains where driving is so quiet and the scenery fabulous to enjoy in cool mornings. I just returned from a drive and turned on your show coming from Disney World. Sure wish I could see a video of your show, since you’re describing so many people and great horses! Can’t say enough about how happy I am to have your radio shows at my fingertips! Keeps me connected to the wonderful world of other driving enthusiasts!


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