Driving Radio Show Episode 215 – Classic: Live from Martin’s Auction

Classic Revisit:  Wendy and Glenn come to you live from Martin’s Carriage Auction in Lebanon, PA.  Listen in as we interview some great guests about carriages and meet the gentleman who built the incredible Chuckwagon.  Listen in…

Driving Radio Show Episode 215 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Show Host: Dr. Wendy Ying and Glenn the Geek (see host bios)
  • Photo: Glenn and Wendy recording live from Martin’s Carriage auction.
  • Guest: Mike Zaetta, Collector
  • Guest:  Mickie Bowen, four-in-hand driver.
  • Guest:  Mary Lane Wark, co-founder of the Brandywine Valley Driving Club, Inc.
  • Guest:  John C. Delagrange, builder of the Chuck Wagon in the auction.




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