Driving Radio Show Episode 132 – Awards, Spanish Moss and Margaret Mayer’s Cute Ponies

Margaret Mayer joins us to talk about last week’s clinic, long lining and her adorable ponies.  Plus, we review the USEF awards and talk about Spanish Moss.  Listen in…

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  • Mary Cody said:

    Hi! I love your show! Wendy commented on horses eating Spanish moss and not hearing about any horses dying from eating it. About 20 years ago, I boarded a pony that always seemed to be somewhat sickly. She looked wormy, had several bouts of colic like symptoms, but would be fine when the vet showed up. Was checked for worms, fed good feed, had great pasture and just failed to look thrifty. Her last colic with the vet, he palpated her through the rectum and he could just feel something, could grab it, but couldn’t get it out. The pony was euthanized and a necropsy was done. It was a huge slime coated mass about 3 lbs. we couldn’t figure out what it was, so it was sent to The Univ. Of Fla, and it was determined to be a large clump of Spanish moss. The pony came from a poor pasture, she had bad teeth and in her hunger, didn’t chew it well enough. It balled up and impacted her intestine, becoming so big it wouldn’t pass. So, in the 40 or so years of all my horses eating Spanish moss, this was a first and only time I have seen a horse dying from eating it. The Vet was Dr. Johnston from Tavares, Fla.
    Mary Cody.


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