Driving Radio Show Episode 131 – New York Carriages Update and Some Wild History


Why does the Mayor want the horses out of New York?  Learn why as we have Eva Hughes of the Horse and Carriage Association of NYC back with us, Jeff McCarthy fills us in on a worthwhile clinic and runaway horses in the 1800s.  Listen in…

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  • Kori said:

    As an animal rights activist AND a carriage driver, I support the carriage industry. I worked driving horse carriages in Boston for 3 years. The horses there were well cared for, and happy. They, of course, have regular farrier and vet care.

    The problem I have here, is the bad mouthing animal activists. We want what’s good for animals. Most of us don’t care that animals are “used” – we just want them to be used humanely. You can make your arguments, And Make Them Better, with OUT bad mouthing us.


  • Cate Bernhardt said:

    Terrific show! Its so cool to listen to real horsemen and horsewomen on the airwaves.
    Thank you so much for your support of the NYC Horse Drawn Carriage Industry.
    I’m from Chicago, and ride dressage, yet I am fully behind the good, decent carriage drivers and carriage horse owners and all who are associated with NYC’s greatest living icon: NYC Carriage Horses. Carriage On! 2014 Year of the Horse, not the year of sleazy real estate parasites and corrupt politicians (public servants).

  • sally said:

    i strongly believe that carriage driven horse business in NYC is an iconic monument of visiting NYC , i have personally seen how the carriage drivers treat their horses , they do give them breaks , feed them and offer them on demand drinking water , the ones i witnessed are not cruel at all , they are kind and treat the horses in an appropriate humane way , they take care of the litter very well , are vigilant in timing their work in shifts , is central park the same without the lively horses and carriages surrounding it , that is one of the most successful , many are looking forward to enjoy the ride on the carriage , it does get congested at times , accidents are inevitable , humans and animals are prone to such mishaps ,have we shed light on the drivers that have suffered accidents while driving the carriages ? it is unavoidable, it is unfair to the numerous families who live on the business to abruptly abolish the business , animals can get sick and tired , perhaps standard setting of what is allowed in terms of working animals and any violations if any need to be dealt with .

  • Debra Holman said:

    Racing person, etc. PETA doesn’t want animals to do anything except, perhaps watch TV. I’m going to ride, work and eat them. I’ll also love them more than myself.


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