Last Chance To See The Hollywood Park Racing Track


Though there is a thrill in carriage driving for many equestrian fans and personal practitioners, there’s also a connection to horse racing for most everyone with any tie to equestrian culture. Of course, many view competitive horse racing as a thing of the past. Much like other high stakes activities like dog racing, or even boxing, horse racing doesn’t still seem to have the glamor it had in the days of Seabiscuit, when a horse champion could capture the hearts and imagination of the entire country (not to mention inspire a film!).

And perhaps in tune with the idea that horse racing is increasingly becoming a thing of the past (not that it’s by any means dead yet), one of the most significant and recognizable tracks in the United States is set to close at year’s end. The Betfair Hollywood Park track, located in Inglewood, California, will be closing down to horse racing after the December circuit, in order to make way for a new real estate development, and it truly marks the end of an era for a park that has been active for 75 years – and which, getting back to popular horse racing lore, once hosted the famous Seabiscuit as well.

There are, however, a few opportunities left to enjoy the Betfair Hollywood Park if you’re a horse racing enthusiast, or even if you’re simply a fan of equestrian sports who’d like a last look at history. The park’s event calendar is packed through the fall and the beginning of winter with a number of events (not to mention the on-site casinos will remain open, even after the park closes to horse racing). Here’s a look at a few events you can still enjoy at the park:

  • September-October – The facility will be open daily throughout the fall for simulcasting of racing events in the casino. While it’s not a live race, this is a fun opportunity to simply observe the grounds and enjoy a bit of gambling sport.
  • Nov. 1-2 – This is another simulcasting opportunity, specifically for the Breeder’s Cup, which should be a festive atmosphere and enjoyable opportunity. The Hollywood Park facility actually once hosted the Cup, so it’s a fun way to combine history with a current race.
  • Nov. 7 – Dec. 22 – In this span of time, there are 7 weekend events featuring live racing at the track, with the weekend of Dec. 20 – 22, right before Christmas, marking the final race at the track. Simulcasting is also open during this entire time span, but if you truly want one more look at this historic track in live action, the November-December racing circuit should be the best opportunity.

It will be a sad day for racing and equestrian enthusiasts alike when the December 22 racing finishes and the park effectively closes. But if you’re looking for a way to enjoy a good old-fashioned race this year, consider a pilgrimage to the Hollywood Park before that day comes.