Driving Radio Show Episode 92 – Standardbred War Horses


Rescuing Standardbreds and preserving history is one of the missions of the California Historical Artillery Society, Dr. Ying on laser treatments for proud flesh and a product review.  Listen in…

Driving Radio Show Episode 92 – Show Notes and Links:

KPP Elevate 350


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  • Allan said:

    Good morning,what a great radio show,Love Standardbreds,We got a few from the track and use them for many years on fishermans warf in san francisco…..Allan

  • Dee said:

    Thank You Glen and Wendy for doing a wonderful service for us at CHAS. We LOVE our horses and hope everyone learned something new in this interview! California Historical Artillery Society is a wonderful organization!

    Please look us up and come out to see us if you can! http://www.warhorse.org


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